Professor Fuchter won the prize for the development of chemistry-led approaches to interrogate function in chemistry, materials...
The 7th Annual London Plasmonics Forum was held online on 9 June 2021.
The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining has awarded four highly esteemed prizes in recognition for outstanding research to
For the study, published in Chromosome Research, researchers including the LCN Professor Ian Robinson and Archana Bhartiya used...
On Thursday, 20 May, the London Institute for Advanced Light Technologies hosted The Shared Language of Light, an interdisciplinar
Researchers at UCL, King’s College London, Technical University of Munich, and the quantum software start-up GTN have developed ne
Prof Andrei Faraon, Professor of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at California Institute of Technology, has been award
LCN Researchers at Imperial College London with colleages from the University of Manchester and University of Leeds have been awar
Professor Sir Michael Pepper, Pender Professor in Nanoelectronics, LCN and EEE, is among 5 scientists awarded the Royal Society...
LCN Academic Dr Ifan Stephens has won funding from the National Research Council Canada to lead a project in the Materials For Cle
Scientists at the LCN and the IIT –Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology) have created a temporary tatt
LCN academic Dr Cecilia Mattevi and her collaborators have been awarded the ACS Nano Champion award for their paper 'Toward Nanote