The London Centre for Nanotechnology and Toronto researchers are collaborating to inform better therapies for illnesses such as mo
Bio-imaging is a powerful tool in biological research, providing valuable spatial, quantitative and dynamic information on biologi
LCN Professor Sandrine Heutz has been awarded £2 million from the EPSRC to fund a new state-of-the-art hub of magnetic characteris
The Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Jeremy Wright, officially opened UCL’s new quantum laboratories at..
A new type of hyperbolic metamaterial has been developed by researchers at King’s College London (KCL) allowing researchers...
A new form of high speed wireless internet, which uses the lights in homes and offices to transmit data, could revolutionise the w
King's College London is joining with the London Centre for Nanotechnology to use the power of nanotechnology to confront global h
As the NHS celebrates its 70th anniversary, LCN academic and i-sense EPSRC IRC Director, Professor Rachel McKendry, is helping...
Quantum Leap: from research to large-scale market: Two UCL professors present evidences to secure the future of the Quantum Techno
A collaborative project involving LCN Professor, Sir Michael Pepper, along with Dr Maksym Myronov (University of Warwick),...
Congratulation to LCN researcher, Dr Alice Pyne, who has been awarded a prestigious MRC UKRI Innovation/Rutherford Fellowship. Thi