New Co-Director at LCN

Milo Shaffer

Professor Milo Shaffer will take over from Professor Neil Alford as Co-Director of the LCN. Milo Shaffer is currently Professor of Materials Chemistry with the Nanostructured Materials and Devices Research Section in the Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London. Milo has extensive experience of manipulation, functionalisation, and characterisation of inorganic nanomaterials and has studied a wide variety of composite systems, including both structural matrices and conducting polymers for device applications. He has also spent time working as a materials technology consultant in the areas of new technology development and exploitation. He already has strong links and collaborative projects within the London Centre for Nanotechnology. Current interests include both carbon and inorganic nanotube synthesis, modification, characterisation and application.  Neil Alford is taking over as Head of Department of Materials at Imperial College, and will retain strong links with LCN, including through current joint EPSRC funding with LCN at UCL.