Meet the new ICL Facilities Staff members

staff members

The LCN welcomes four new facilities members to the department of Materials.

Dr Andrey Berenov is the new Research Facility Manager for X-ray Diffraction

"Hi everyone, I recently become a Research Facility Manager, X-ray Diffraction. I'm here to help with any queries on X-ray diffraction and you can find me in LG61. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone this term!"

Dr James Douglas is the new Research Facility Manager for cryo-EPS

"Hi all, I’ve recently joined the department as a Research Facility Manager as part of the new Imperial Centre for Cryo Microscopy of Materials (ICM2). My role is to manage the newly installed atom probe instrument and I'm based in the Harvey Flowers Electron Microscopy Suite. Please get in touch if you have any questions about atom probe analysis and sample preparation."

Dr Bruno Rente Is the Research Facility Assistant in TFT/A2D at White City Campus

"Hi everyone, I’m excited to join the department to help you all who will be using The Royce A2D facility, for which there are big plans this term. I’ll be there to assist and train you on the equipment you need for your research, ranging from thin film deposition and nanofabrication to characterization."

Mr Mark Vaughan is the Research Facility Assistant for the A2D/TFT

"Hi everyone, I've recently joined the department on a part-time basis as a Research Facility Assistant. My area of expertise is Physical Vapour Deposition - both processes and equipment - so I'm happy to help with any queries you may have regarding deposition of thin films. When I'm on site I can be found in Office 3 on level 8 of the Uren building - White City Campus"

To use any of these facilitates please search for them at the Imperial College London website.