London Light presents Late Light

Event Date
Monday, 20 May 2019 - 2:00pm
King's College London

Light is everywhere, but did you know we can use it to control the world around us?

Can you believe we can levitate particles using laser beams, or project cosmic rays as a hologram? You can see these experiments in action at Late Light 2019 on the 20th May at King’s College London, along with specially created light-inspired artworks and hands-on demonstrations from over a dozen artists and scientists.

This unique event is being curated by the Institute for Advanced Light Technologies (London Light) and will be held in the historic Anatomy Museum. Late Light will coincide with the Unesco International Day of Light and World Metrology Day.

The event will culminate with a talk given by the award-winning Dr Jess Wade from Imperial College London, a champion of diversity in STEM, who will be talking about her research in twisted light and light-emitting devices. 

For more information see the London Light website.