LCN student wins Diamond Light Source PhD Investigator Award

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Stefano Boseggia from the LCN has won the 2014 Diamond Light Source PhD Investigator Award for the physical sciences.


The citation for the award singled out Stefano’s passion and dedication for condensed matter physics as well as his extensive experimental work at Diamond Light Source and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). He will receive a prize of £500 and has been invited to give a talk at the Synchrotron Radiation User Meeting at Diamond on September 3.


Stefano works on strongly correlated electron systems – a class of materials that show unusual magnetic and electronic properties- from high-temperature superconductivity in cuprates to colossal magnetoresistance in manganites and multiferroicity in several oxides. While most of these materials are oxides formed by light metal ions, such as iron, manganese and, copper, his research uses heavier 5d ones like iridium or osmium, looking at the interplay between the strong spin-orbit interaction possessed by these systems and their correlation effects. To investigate the electronic and magnetic properties of these materials, Stefano employed X-ray resonant scattering, where incident X-ray energy is tuned to excite transitions between specific electronic states.


Stefano’s research seeks to define a new paradigm to describe 5d transition metal oxides, an emerging theme in condensed matter physics. His work has already led to several papers for which he has played a leading role, and which have been cited extensively, proving to be of considerable value to the wider community.


Professor Steve Collins from Diamond who co-supervised Stefano along with Professor Des McMorrow, commented: “Stefano has been an excellent student and a perfect example of joint LCN/Diamond PhD supervision. This award represents well-deserved recognition of his scientific contribution to a complex subject, well beyond what is normally expected of a PhD student.”


Picture: Prof Andrew Harrison, Diamond’s CEO, presenting Stefano with his PhD Investigator Award prize at the annual user meeting at Diamond on the 3rd Sept 2014

Image courtesy of Diamond Light Source