LCN researchers win UCL Enterprise Award

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Professor Neal Skipper, Dr Chris Howard and Dr Simon Gane, all from the London Centre for Nanotechnology have all won a UCL Award for Enterprise.  Professor Skipper and Dr Howard won their award in the “One to watch” category, for their research into developing commercially-viable methods to produce carbon nanotubes, licenced to the Linde Group.

Simon Gane won a UCL Advances Bright Ideas Award for SnapScope.  SnapScope is a revolutionary device that makes medical instruments such as an optical endoscope, compatible with gadgets like the iPhone so that doctors can share data with medical professionals and patients.

See a video of Simon discussing SnapScope here.

The awards, sponsored by UCL Business, are to recognise the furthering of enterprise and entrepreneurship on campus. 

Previous winners at these awards also include Professor Quentin Pankhurst, who won a UCL Business Award in 2010 for his endeavours in the establishment of Endomagnetics Limited, which aims to improve healthcare through magnetic sensing technology.

For more information, please see UCL Enterprise Awards Page

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