LCN Researchers win Best Poster at Bristol

Best Poster Bristol

The poster prize at the Bristol Nanoscience Symposium was awarded to an LCN submission. This symposium celebrated the opening of the Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information at the University of Bristol with leading figures from the nanoscience community in the UK joined by international experts including Nobel laureate Prof. Heinrich Rohrer. The poster, incorporating work by Dr Oliver Fenwick and Dan Credgington, focussed on their development of a novel nanolithography technique in the group of Prof. Franco Cacialli. On their poster, they presented results on patterning of semiconducting polymers down to lengthscales of 60nm, including the LCN logo patterned in ~65000 individual pixels over an area of less than 20x20 microns..



                        Oliver Fenwick                                 Dan Credgington


                               Click here for the pdf of the winning poster