LCN Researchers receive awards from the Institute of Physics

IOP Awards

LCN Researchers Professor Alwyn Seeds and Dr Meera Parish from the London Centre for Nanotechnology have received awards from the Institute of Physics.  These awards aim to identify and honour physicists who are today making remarkable contributions and to encourage younger members of our community to greater success in the future.

Professor Seeds receives the Gabor Medal for research into microwave photonic devices that has led to their commercial exploitation in wireless optical communication systems. The Gabor Medal and Prize is awarded for distinguished work in the application of physics in an industrial, commercial and business context. See here for Professor Seeds' Award Citation.

On receiving the award, Professor Seeds said "Advances in information processing and communication systems depend ever more critically on the Physics underlying new device technologies. It is a great honour for me to be awarded the Gabor Medal and Prize, commemorating, as it does, someone who applied Physics with such success to the creation of new technology."  

Dr Parish received the Maxwell Medal and Prize for her pioneering work in the theory of cold fermionic matter and magnetotransport in highly disordered media.  The Maxwell Medal and Prize is awarded for outstanding early-career contributions to theoretical, mathematical or computational physics. Previous recipients of this awardinclude Stephen Hawking and Nobel laureates Abdus Salam and Anthony Leggett. See here for Dr Parish's Award Citation.

Please see here for a full list of winners.