LCN Researchers Awarded 2013 Daiwa Adrian Prize

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LCN researchers Professor Alex Shluger and Dr Peter Sushko from UCL have been awarded one of the 2013 Daiwa Adrian Prizes in recognition of significant scientific collaboration between Japanese and British research teams.

The UCL research team was awarded the prize jointly with researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology for their project entitled Exploration of Active Functionality in Abundant Oxide Materials Utilizing Unique Nanostructure: discovering novel properties of traditional materials through curiosity-driven research.

The prizes, awarded every three years, acknowledge those that have combined excellence in scientific achievement with a long-term contribution to UK-Japan relations.

The winning research teams will receive £10,000 and a prize giving ceremony will be held at the Royal Society in London on the 27th November. 

Professor Shluger, lead researcher for the UK team, said “This is the excellent result of our long-standing collaboration with the group of Professor Hideo Hosono at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. I would like to thank the faculty and the department for supporting this collaboration for many years.”

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