LCN Researcher Listed in Times’ Top 100

Prof. Steve Bramwell

LCN Researcher, Prof. Steve Bramwell, has been included in the Times Newspaper's newly published Eureka 100: a list of the most important contemporary figures in British Science. The list was topped by medical pioneer Sir Paul Nurse and also includes physicists Steven Hawking and 2010 Nobel Laureate Andre Geim. Prof. Bramwell, who was 99th on the list, was earlier this year honoured with the prestigious Holweck prize of the French Physical Society and British Institute of Physics for his pioneering work on magnets that led to his discovery of `spin ice' and `magnetricity'.

Prof. Bramwell said "It's a great honour to be included among such famous company, and it's a nice recognition for the many years of work that I and by collaborators have done at the LCN, UCL and national facilities like ISIS in the UK and the Institut Laue Langevin in France."

The full list may be found in the Eureka 100 Magazine included in The Times on Thursday 7th October 2010.