LCN hosts visitor from Technical University of Liberec

Jan Valtera

The LCN recently welcomed Dr Jan Valtera from the Technical University of Liberec (TUL) to the LCN to meet with staff, tour labs and deliver a seminar.

Dr Valtera is the Vice-Dean for International and Public Relations in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and his research interests include the design of machines and devices for the production of nanomaterials and simulation of electric and magnetic fields.

The LCN and TUL are both members of the International Network4Sustainable Nanotechnology (N4SNano). An international collaborative network of nanotechnology institutes and centres, industry, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations whose mission is to champion nanotechnology solutions for a sustainable future. 

After visiting campuses of King's College London, Imperial College London and laboratories across the LCN network, Dr Valtera introduced the Technical University of Liberec and delivered a seminar entitled AC electrospinning: The highly effective technology of polymeric nanofibers production.






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