The LCN features in London Tech Film

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Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, declares London Is Open to global technology. 

In  anticipation  of  the  London Tech festival a short 50  second  film  has  been  created, spreading  the message that London is Open to technology talent, investment and innovation from all over the world. The LCN was selected to particpate in the film, to help showcase its word-class imaging, characterisation and fabrication facilities.  

The film highlights that London is at the forefront of innovation, featuring scenes including a driverless 'POD',  Londoners  using  VR  headsets,  Robots  in  the  workplace  and  even The Mayor  of  London,  Sadiq  Khan,  taking  the  first  roboselfie  of  his  Mayoralty.  As  London  leads the  way  in  the  growth  of  smart  cities,  the  film  also  illustrates  how  technology  is  already improving  quality  of  urban  life  through  smarter  infrastructure  and  new  approaches  to health, fashion and transport.

The film is available to view here.

The  latest  innovations  in  drones,  artificial  Intelligence, and  robots  will  feature  as  part  of a packed  events  programme  for London  Tech  Week  2017,  which  will  take  place  across  the capital next month (12th-16th June).

Throughout   the   week,   attendees   of   Europe's   largest   festival   of   tech   will   have   the opportunity to attend a host of events including a concert with the award winning composer Hans  Zimmer,  the Drone  Racing  League  (DRL)  Season  Finale  and The  Europas,  which  will welcome 1,000 European start-ups to the capital.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan commented “London is Europe's leading technology hub. Our  talent,  diversity,  entrepreneurial  spirit  and  global  connections  put  us  at  the  heart  of digital  technology.  London  Tech  Week  2017  will  be  a  fantastic  opportunity  to  show  that London  is  open  to  collaboration,  innovation  and  ideas  that  could  change  the  way  that  all Londoners live and experience the city."