LCN and UCL research rated as "Highlight" of 2010

Water and benzene molecule in their optimal configuration, the colours depict the electron density of the molecules.

A number of LCN and UCL researchers have this week made their way into the Highlights 2010 collection for Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. The collection includes outstanding papers and fast track communications published in the journal over the last year. These articles were selected by the Editorial Board on the basis of a range of criteria including referee endorsements, citations and download levels, and simple broad appeal.

Dr. Peter Sushko, made it into the Highlights 2010 collection with the paper "Thermodynamic instability at the stoichiometric LaAlO3/SrTiO3(001) interface" which was co-authored with partners at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Dr. Jiří Klimeš, Dr. David Bowler and Professor Angelos Michaelides were selected for their paper on "Chemical accuracy for the van der Waals density functional".

Finally, Dr Patricia Alireza et al, were also chosen for their paper "Evidence of superconductivity on the border of quasi-2D ferromagnetism in Ca2RuO4 at high pressure".

The articles will be free to read until 31 December 2011 at 2010