LCN academic receives NML Researcher Award 2016

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The Nano-Micro Letters, in partnership with the Nature Research Society (NRS), recently announced that LCN Professor Angelos Micaelides is a recipient of the NML Researcher Award 2016.

The NML Researcher Award is established to recognize research excellence in the field of nano and micro science, with special consideration for those who have continuously made outstanding contributions to the development of science in last three years. 

Angelos' research aims at understanding important phenomena in surface-materials and nano-science. Using concepts from quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics, his group applies and develops methods and computer simulations to study processes of relevance to catalysism - such as the properties of metal surfaces and chemical reactions at surfaces - and processes of environmental relevance - such as the nucleation of ice or the dissolution of salts. Water and ice are major focuses of his work.  

Amongst other things, his group is currently researching a fundamental, molecular-level description of water at interfaces and how ice forms, which will have broad implications from an improved understanding of the climate to better tasting ice cream.  More information surrounding Angelos' research and his recent publications can be found on the ICE group website.  

Angelos is also director of the Thomas Young Centre - London Centre for the Theory and Simulation of Materials.  The Thomas Young Centre (TYC) is a dynamic and interdisciplinary alliance of London researchers which operates at the forefront of science to address the challenges of society and industry through the theory and simulation of materials, or materials modelling.  

NRS Editor in Chief, Dr. Yafei (Anderson) Zhang said: "All the applicants are excellent and outstanding in their research. I would like to honor all the applicants with the award if possible. However, this year we can only honor 15 outstanding researchers. I would like to say sorry to those eminent researchers who didn't get the award. Thank all of you for your contribution to the advancement of science, and thank all of you for your support to Nano-Micro Letters." 

The original announcement, along with the list of all the academics in receipt of the award can be viewed on the NRS website.

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