LCN academic pens new book - 'Statistical physics: an entropic approach'

'Statistical physics: an entropic approach'

A new book entitled 'Statistical physics: an entropic approach' by Professor Ian Ford will shortly be published.  Professor Ford told us about his reasons for writing this book:

"I think I have been more confused about the nature of entropy than almost anything else I've encountered in physics, and I don’t think I'm alone. The solution to this unease was to teach statistical thermodynamics and to decide firmly what message I was to deliver. Students would inevitably ask `what is entropy?', and I needed to have a simple answer, and the word `disorder' was not going to do.

This book grew out of the lecture notes for this course. Rather than following the usual appeal to the growth of disorder and decay; the notion that everything is crumbling away or in some sense going wrong, the idea of entropy is firmly anchored to the development of uncertainty in an underspecified dynamical system. Irreversible, entropy-generating processes are the norm; it is reversibility which is exceptional.

The material is largely suitable for undergraduates, supplemented by chapters on stochastic dynamics and the so-called fluctuation relations that place the generation of entropy within a clear framework, where the emphasis is on disorderly behaviour leading to uncertainty, rather than on the disorder of the untidy room."

'Statistical physics: an entropic approach' will be published by Wiley on the 20th May 2013.

You will be able to buy this from any good book retailer - see here to buy from Amazon.