Ivan Parkin recognised by Royal Society

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The Royal Society's Armourers and Brasiers’ Prize for 2014 has been awarded to LCN member Ivan Parkin. The award is for excellence in basic research in functional or structural materials where the research is clearly motivated by use of these materials, and recognises use-inspired research on structural or functional materials that is for the benefit of society.

Professor Parkin’s research focuses on the preparation and characterisation of new materials, particularly aspects of composition and microstructure. He has worked on the development and commercialisation of inorganic-oxide self-cleaning coatings for windows and anti-microbial coatings to combat hospital-acquired infections.

In a collaborative venture between engineers, physicists, chemists, biomechanics and orthopaedic experts at UCL, he has helped to create a wearable assistive material that is smart, can be configured for the user, and can give any level of support for any area of the body whilst still being able to be worn invisibly under clothes, giving the wearer total freedom of movement.