The importance of the LCN to our academics has been captured in a series of podcasts

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Researchers and collaborators recently celebrated the work of the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) at a symposium held in honour of the tenth anniversary of its opening.

The centre brings together scientists from UCL and Imperial College London to probe the natural world, and develop new technologies, at scales measured in billionths of a metre. The researchers are particularly focused on using nanotechnology to improve healthcare, information technology, energy and the environment.

Through a series of stories from LCN academics and explanatory animations, we highlight some of the LCN's extensive achievements and discoveries over the last decade, whilst also looking to the challenges and possibilities for the decade ahead and beyond.   

Click on the photos below to listen to individual podcasts formulated after interviewing some of our academics.  

Dr Sandrine Heutz Dr Sandrine Heutz Peter Heynes Prof. Peter Heynes Andrew Green Prof. Andrew Green Andrew Fisher Prof. Andrew Fisher Joshua Edel Prof. Joshua Edel Angelos Michaelides Prof. Angelos Michaelides Alex Ivanov Dr Alex Ivanov Steven Schofield Dr Steven Schofield Molly Stevens Prof. Molly Stevens Milo Shaffer Prof. Milo Shaffer Mark Buitelaar Dr Mark Buitelaar Alice Pyne Dr Alice Pyne Leslie Cohen Prof. Leslie Cohen