EU referendum: the LCN's message to students and staff

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In light of the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, UCL President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur assures UCL students and staff from EU countries that they will continue to be as valued and as welcome as before, and that their contribution to UCL lfe is intrinsic to what the university stands for.  UCL remains a global university through our outlook, people and enduring international partnerships, and Professor Arthur also confirms that there will be no immediate changes to arrangements for EU staff and students.

In a message to Imperial's student and staff community, President Alice Gast and Provost James Stirling said: "Imperial is, and will remain, a European university, whatever your view of the referendum outcome. We are very proud of the innovations, ideas and inspiration that come from the European members of Imperial's global community.  We look forward to continued strong ties with Europe and the world.''

A short video message from the Provost on the UK's vote to leave the EU

Further guidance from the UCL Provost on the outcome of the referendum

Joint message from Imperial's President and Provost