Dr Chris Kay promoted to Reader

Chris Kay promoted to Reader

Congratulations to Dr Chris Kay who has been promoted to Reader in EPR Spectroscopy.

Since his appointment in 2006, Chris has established an interdisciplinary Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Facility at UCL that is bringing this methodology to research as diverse as oxidative stress and ageing due to reactive oxygen species (known as ROS) in medicine, structural biology where EPR complements X-ray crystallography, and characterisation of novel materials including thin films for organic solar cells and quantum information processing. A CIF investment through the BEAMS School enabled outdated equipment from the Departments of Chemistry and Biology to be upgraded and a state of the art pulsed EPR spectrometer to be purchased from Bruker SioSpin. The Faculty of Life Sciences provided a refurbished space to house all three instruments which is located on the main campus in the Darwin Building.

Recent highlights include a crystallographic and EPR study published in Nature  that established the mechanism of pilus formation in E. coli  and a study of the remarkable properties of bismuth dopants in silicon that was published in Nature Materials .

Chris holds his post jointly between the LCN and the Institute of Structural & Molecular Biology (UCL/Birkbeck) and has strong links with UCL Chemistry. He became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2011.

He welcomes potential collaborations and can be contacted at: c.kay [at] ucl.ac.uk