China Summer School Winner Announced

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Shailendra Rathore has won the 2012 UK-China Summer School Prize for the best proposal for a joint project between LCN and the Chinese partner institutes at Peking University (Institute of Microelectronics) and Tsinghua University (Centre for Nano and Micro Mechanics). 

The judging criteria for the prize were that it should have practical impact and be relevant to China’s development as well as related to research topics presented by the Chinese lecturers in the summer school.

It is not expected that the proposal should be realized within the trip, but a significant step towards realization of a prototype or demo should be attempted in this period. 

To encourage collaboration between UK and Chinese scientists during the summer school, the proposals had to be submitted in Chinese, 500 Chinese characters. Researchers from Peking and Tsinghua universities evaluated and ranked the proposals.

Shailendra wins his prize of a two-week trip to Beijing, to work with Peking and Tsinghua Universities, with his proposal to combine terahertz and graphene-based technologies to focus on cancer research.  The proposal had a winning combination of technological innovation and a large potential social and medical impact, while building on some of the technologies presented at the UK-China Summer School in an original way. 

The judging decision proved to be so close, due to the very high quality of the proposals and their great diversity of style and scope, that a further student, Joe Bailey, has also been given funding by his supervisor, Professor Gabriele Aeppli, to join Shailendra in his trip to Beijing.   

Joe wrote a very detailed and compelling proposal, which brought together some of the key technological competencies in the UK and China very elegantly for terahertz-based bio-research.

Other commendable applicants included Winsom Lam who made an excellent case for combining different nano and microtechnologies for an ambitious clean-tech application and Christophe Lynch for his proposal on the Chinese space programme and its needs for water filtration.

We thank all the participants in this competition for their excellent efforts.