Back-to-back articles in Nature Materials

Nature Materials Cover - October 2011

LCN researchers have published two papers in this month's edition of Nature Materials, with both being highlighted in the News and Views section, emphasising the LCN's impact in the field of materials research.

The first paper, from Professor Gabriel Aeppli and researchers from the Physics Department of Sapienza University of Rome, reports a technique to ‘draw' superconducting patterns using an X-ray beam. This ability to create and control tiny superconducting structures has implications for a completely new generation of electronic devices.

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In the second paper, researchers from the LCN and Department of Chemistry at UCL (Matt Watkins, Angelos Michaelides and Ben Slater) in collaboration with researchers from University of Zurich, Peking University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences report that they have discovered unexpected properties of ice at the nanoscale.

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