LEGO2NANO Summer School

LEGO2NANO – a summer school about making nanotechnology, 6–14 September 2014, Beijing, China

One year ago, as part of the LEGO2NANO initiative, a group of PhD students from China and the UK met up in Beijing to take on the challenge of building a low-cost atomic force microscope (AFM) with the goal of bringing nanoscience to high-school classrooms. In just one week, they put together a working prototype built from LEGO, Arduino, cheap 3D printable parts and consumer electronic components. This September, another group of undergraduate and PhD students will join forces at the Academy of Art and Design at Tsinghua University and pool their science, engineering, design and making, programming and communication skills together to take the LEGO2NANO AFM to the next level. Their goal is to build on the initial prototype and turn the low-cost AFM into a fully functional, user-friendly microscope.

Based at the Tsinghua University campus in the flourishing Zhongguancun technology corridor in Beijing, the summer school will give the students the opportunity to learn about nanotechnology, citizen science, making, and scanning probe microscopy.

This is the fourth in a series of UK-China LEGO2NANO summer schools organised by the London Centre for Nanotechnology, the Institute of Making at University College London, the Institute of Micro/Nanoelectronics at Peking University, the Centre for Nano and Micro Mechanics and the Academy of Art and Design at Tsinghua University, and the Citizen Cyberscience Centre at University of Geneva, in collaboration with the LEGO Learning Institute.

Find out more about the LEGO2NANO project here

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