LCN in the Media 2011

Date PublishedMediaItem title/subject
November 2011Nanotimes Magazine
New nanoscale electronic state discovered on graphene sheets (Page 45)
29-Nov-2011The Hindu - Alok JhaWhen a challenge led to little things and a big impact
28-Nov-2011The GuardianThe incredible shrinking laboratory or 'lab-on-a-chip'
26-Nov-2011The GuardianBring on the benefits - Nanotechnology World
20-Sept-2011The GuardianCan nanotechnology provide cheaper solar energy?
09-Sept-2011Materials ViewsInterview with Professor Franco Cacialli
15-Aug-2011YouTubeRoyal Society Summer Exhibition - Quantum Computing
04-Aug-2011The IndependentWomen in Science: From car paint to supercomputers - the story of multitasking molecules
25-May-2011The GuardianShould we be taking a closer look at the potential dangers of nanotechnology?
25-May-2011The GuardianNanotechnology is providing a 'toolkit' for advances in many areas of science
19-May-2011NanotechwireEvidence for Graphene-Sheet-Driven Superconducting State in Graphite Intercalation Compounds
18-May-2011The GuardianMy three least favourite quarks
13-May-2011Evening Standard MagazineWho needs oil?
25-Mar-2011BBC OnlineQuantum physics explanation of smell gains traction