Titan 80-300kV

EM machine
Equipment manager
Dr Catriona McGilvery
Equipment technique
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Electron microscope: TEM, STEM, EDXS, EELS, nano-diffraction

The microscope is routinely operated at 80, 200 and 300 kV depending on sample requirements. It has a Cs aberration (image) corrector giving 70 pm for the information limit and 130 pm spatial resolution for STEM. The instrument is also equipped with a monochromator which gives an energy resolution of 0.6 eV (mono off)/0.15 eV (mono on). The instrument is equipped with a windowless Bruker XFlash EDS detector, Gatan Tridiem GIF for EELS and has nano-diffraction capabilities, providing chemical and analytical information on the nanoscale. Additionally, there are a number of holders for the microscope include a tomography holder and heating rod.