Combined IONTOF TOF.SIMS5-Qtac100 LEIS

Equipment manager
Dr Sarah Fearn
Equipment technique
Equipment Location

IONTOF ToF-SIMS V (Time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry)

ToF-SIMS is an ultra-high vacuum-based technique for measuring the chemical nature of atoms at and near the surface of materials. The sensitivity of the measurement is often better than parts per million, and the spatial resolution can be within the nano-scale.

Instrument Specficiation

  • Primary ion beam 25keV Bi (Bi+, Bi3+, Bi3++)
  • Sputter ion beams 0.5 to 2keV O2+, Ar+, or Xe+
  • Cluster ion beam Arn+
  • Flood gun charge compensation for insulating samples
  • Time-of-flight mass analyser
  • Sample size up to 6cm by 5cm
  • Heating and cooling stage (-150°C to 500°C) in load lock and main chamber
  • Vacuum suitcase for transfer of air sensitive samples

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IONTOF Qtac LEIS100 (Low energy ion scattering)

Low energy ion scattering (LEIS) is a highly surface sensitive technique, capable of measuring the chemical composition of just the first atomic monolayer. The facility is unique to the UK and one of but a few in the world.

Key features are:

1 Quantitative, elemental characterisation of the top atomic layer

2 Spectroscopy, imaging and depth profiling capabilities

3 Time-of-flight mass filtering for improved sensitivity

4 Analysis of rough and non-conductive materials

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