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Electron Beam Lithography Equipment in Cleanroom
Equipment manager
Steve Etienne
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Vijay Krishnan
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Cleanroom Manual, Part 1 Procedures

Cleanroom Manual, Part 2 Safety

The Cleanroom at LCN on the Bloomsbury site has 255 square metres of ISO 14644-1 Class 6 (Class 1000) cleanroom housing most of our equipment for Plasma etch, Photolithography, Wet Chemical, Metallisation, Furnace, Characterisation and Electron Beam Lithography processes. There are separate spaces which house three Focused Ion Beam (FIB) tools, and a Back-End Laboratory for processes such as sawing, scribing & wire bonding.

To see the full list of Equipment on offer look further on these Equipment pages.

The Cleanroom is an Open Access facility, offering equipment and services to outside academic and industrial users in addition to LCN researchers. We welcome users who will enrol and train to operate the equipment themselves. See Enrolment and Training details.

The cleanroom equipment usage is controlled by the PPMS . See

This is accessible to people with a UCL login.

Cleanroom Use Under COVID

The rules change in line with LCN and UCL’s codes of Practice as the COVID situation evolves.


Restrictions applicable from 12 April 2021, these overide statements below

There will be limited technical staff, and there will be no guarantee of First Aider presence in LCN. With the LCN requirement to only do activities consistent with 2m distancing, I have decided to impose the following restrictions on cleanroom use until further notice .

1) No Equipment Training or Shadowing will be available until further notice, but Online training will continue as timetabled.

2) Only users with equipment booking rights can use the facilities:

a)Those with 24/7 or out of hours card access can use the facilities between 08:00 and 20:00 under the out of hours rules

b)Those with M-F card access can use the facilities, but only if they are confident in the equipment use and operation.  You should also ensure that someone else is in the cleanroom at the same time

c)Those without card access to the cleanroom labs, can use the facilities when technical staff are on site to let them in.

3) The wet benches may only be used between 10:00 to 16:00 in the main cleanroom, and there must be another person present in the Cleanroom to act as a buddy and render assistance. No wet bench use is permitted in back end lab at all.

Technical staff will be on site between 10:00 and 16:00, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. You should pre arrange any assistance needed  The technical team will be available to answer your queries by email and TEAMS. They may not always be in the office.

COVID Induction Protocol

The procedures below must be followed by Existing Users wanting to return to work in the Cleanroom Areas of Level 1, FIB lab and Back End Lab.


  • Before a user will be allowed work in the Cleanroom, Back End Lab or FIB lab, they must confirm that they have read, and understood  the 'Cleanroom Working Under Covid' document in PPMS
  • Ensure you have read and followed the UCL and LCN Codes of Practice, published here:  When completed you will be given the LCN Entrance ‘Passport’ by Matt Lougher,  
  •  The Cleanroom Opening hours will be 0800- 2000, 7 days for experienced (Full access) users only
  •  Card Holders with M-F access (Normal) only should be present on site only while technical staff are on site: 10:00 to 16:00, Monday to Friday.
  • Users should apply for Normal access, or Full access status by means of the Permit to access Controlled areas form if they consider they have the requisite experience to Suguo Huo (FIB) or Steve Etienne (Cleanroom and Back End Lab).
  •  All documents are available within PPMS.
  •  Equipment availability may be restricted, PPMS will identify which are available

Gowning and entry:

  • Normal Gowning procedure plus additional wearing of Pre gowning gloves, and Face Covering (provided). Full details are posted in the booking system
  • All suits will be stored separately in plastic protection after wearing and will be exclusive to the first wearer.  Laundering after 1 week.
  • PPE will be exclusive to wearer, or thoroughly cleaned before use by wearer
  • All keyboards, mice and equipment controls to be cleaned by user before and after use.
  • Social Distancing of 2m is required, and will not be considered as close contact.
  • Temporariliy Suspended (Training and Supervision activities, however, are deemed to be close contact activities, and will take place at 1m+.  Recording of this will be done to facilitate track and trace at
  • A restriction of numbers in the lab is the main control.


  • All Cleanroom bookings must be covered by a longer ‘Lab Presence’ (no cost) booking in addition to the normal equipment or training booking. 6 Presence slots are available in the level one Cleanroom, and 1 slot each for Backend Lab and FIB
  • The Technical team will review returns from PPMS and the Webform to update who is enabled to use the Lab Presence booking.
  • Users with Cleanroom 24/7 Full Access should use the Lab Presence booking Notes to state their buddy’s name.
  • Users must book this time at least 7 days ahead, so we can inform LCN Management in advance of users coming in each day.
  • A fair use policy of max 6 hours per day, max 3 days per week per individual is suggested.

Steve Etienne 29 March 2021