Cleanroom Tunnel 3 - LCN Bloomsbury

This instrument is designed for rapid access to images for cleanroom samples with no sample prepartion.  Samples can range from small pieces, up to 100mm wafers mounted on dedicated wafer holders.  It has a LaB6 source and a resolution of 2nm.

This is the FFP5000 model of probe equipped with an external probe and sample holder.  The stage is capable of accepting wafers up to 100mm diameter and has indexed locations to permit reproducable positioning.

This equipment has had the vacuum system upgraded to a turbo-molecular high vacuum pump and scroll backing pump.  It has a rotary source holder allowing up to 4 different metals to be deposited in sequence in the same vacuum cycle.

This equipment has four independent source positions allowing multiple layers to be deposited without breaking vacuum.  The maximum sample size is 200mm diameter, or multiple smaller pieces.

This equipment has a spectroscopic source and operates between 400 and 840nm.  The software is fully configurable to enable the measurement thickness and optical properties of the thin transparent films encountered within the cleanroom such as Silicon Oxide, Nitride and Oxynitride, organic layers

The DektakXT is the 10th generation, and latest, profiler from the Dektak Range.  It is fast, and has an automated XY Theta sample stage.  Vertical reproducibility is 5 Angstrom, and it can measure steps from nm to 1mm deep.  It can handle samples that are up to 35mm thick, and up to 300mm in dia

The Edwards Belljar evaporator is a turbo and scroll pumped system capable of evaporating up to 4 different materials in the same vacuum cycle.

The SSI Inc Solaris 150 Rapid Thermal Processing System (RTP) is a proven, “state of the art” versatile tool for Silicide formation, metal Alloys Group III Nitrides Reflow: BPSG, PSG contact anneal, Ferroelectrics, Implant anneal, HBT & MESFET Solar Cells, Implant monitoring Thermal donor, Si

SVS Sputter,

Four x 2” sources

Ion Gun System for sample cleaning

Max sample size 3”

Metals include Nb, Au

Lesker PVD75 Sputter Coater system,

Equipped with three Magnetron sputter sources 3 inches in diameter, and any one of which can be selected in sequence. We can use RF or DC power to sputter insulating or conductive materials.  The substrate can be cleaned using  substrate RF Bias.