Contact Angle & Reflection microscope user agreement

Contact Angle & Reflection Microscope User Training, Safety and Breakage Agreement

The instruments can be used by all UCL and IC members at a cost of £30/hour (to be reviewed each year) which will be used to cover the instrument service charges and consumables. To ensure that they are used correctly and safely, we have drawn up the following guidelines which must be followed by each user:

  1.  All prospective users must submit a 1 page proposal outlining their research and needs for access to the contact angle instrument/reflection microscope, including a complete list of the samples they wish to analyse, a completed LCN risk assessment form and a grant code to charge for access.
  2.  Users will undergo a brief training session and sign a copy of the risk assessment form, after which they should be able to run the instrument independently. During the first month, users will be encouraged to use the instruments during hours when Richard Thorogate is present
  3. Please see the booking section for information on how to book the instrument. 
  4.  Users must book the instrument using the online booking system.
  5. Payment must be made by either supplying a completed IDT form (UCL) or by purchase order form (IC users)
  6. Any damage to the instruments is the responsibility of the user's PI and they must pay the full costs needed to fix the instrument.  All problems should be immediately reported to Richard Thorogate , extension 30569.
  7.  At the end of the session, users must remove their samples and leave the equipment as they found it ie. clean! Users are also responsible for backups of all of their data.