Booking Conditions

XB 1540 FIB Booking Conditions

 XB 1540-FIB Sessions:


Session name

Session Times

Access Hours


07:00  –  9:00 (Out of Hours)

2 hours


9:00  –  11:00 (Normal Hours)

2 hours


11:00  –  13:00 (Normal Hours)

2 hours


13:00  –  15:00 (Normal Hours)

2 hours


15:00  –  17:00 (Normal Hours)

2 hours


17:00  –  19:00 (Out of Hours)

2 hours


19:00  –  22:00 (Out of Hours)

3 hours

The FIB lab is open seven days one week. All the seven sessions on Saturday and Sunday are out of working hours.


FIB use cost is marked as Equipment Band C and will be taken from your Cleanroom Credit as soon as you book the FIB. Please see the details in Cleanroom Equipment Charges

The last session S7 is three hours, but is still kept at the same charge as a two-hour session, in order to give a one-hour bonus to encourage use.

 Booking Details:

  1. Tool availability & booking is at, can be accessed from UCL or Imperial computing domains.
  2. Tool must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. Any change to the bookings may be made up to 24 hours in advance. After this time they are frozen. Booking is not permitted more than 2 weeks in advance.
  3. Booking is based on Sessions, any shorter booked time within the session will be charged as a whole session.
  4. Session must be finished before the session end time.
  5. Maximum 6 sessions, 3 in hours and 3 out of hours, is allowed for one user in one week although you can request any session if it is not booked within 24 hours of the session by sending Suguo Huo a message.
  6. If a single user wants adjacent sessions, each must be booked separately in the booking system.
  7. Suguo Huo will monitor and adjust bookings if necessary.
  8. Anyone working on out of working hours (also on Saturday & Sunday), must follow the published rules for Out of Hours working. S1 users need to enter LCN through the back door after 7:00 am.