JPK Nanowizard 3 ULTRA speed


JPK Nanowizard 3 ULTRA speed

The LCN is equipped with a JPK Nanowizard 3 ULTRA speed AFM for fast scanning at up to 150Hz line rate in air and liquid at high resolution. It comes equipped with QITM mode for quantitative material property mapping and the ability to correlate optical microscopy and AFM images with DirectOverlayTM.


  • High resolution imaging of biological and soft samples in air or liquid
  • Fast scanning up to 150Hz line rate
  • Closed loop atomic resolution
  • Low noise Vortis controller
  • Acoustic isolation hood
  • AC modes with phase detection, Q control and DirectDrive cantilever excitation
  • Contact mode with lateral force imaging
  • QI mode
  • Direct Overlay
  • Force distance spectroscopy and force mapping
  • Olympus IX73 inverted microscope with FITC and TRITC filter sets
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