Dimension 3100 AFM


Dimension 3100

The Dimension 3100 utilises standard and advanced SPM imaging modes for measuring semiconductor wafers, lithography masks, magnetic media, biomaterials, optics and other materials. The sample stage  will allow large sample sizes (up to a 6 inch wafer) with a scan size up to 100 µm in the X & Y and 6 µm in the Z.


  •      Electronic materials
  •      Thin films
  •     MEMS/NEMS
  •     Advanced materials
  •     Tribology
  •     Biotechnology


  •     Contact mode
  •     Tapping mode
  •     Phase imaging
  •     Lateral force mode
  •     Force imaging
  •     MFM
  •     Electric techniques (CAFM, Tuna)
  •     Closed loop option
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