AML Wafer Bonder


Anodic Wafer Bonder Image

AML-AWB Aligner-Wafer Bonder Platform Overview:

This system is a versatile tool capable of bonding wafers and pieces in a variety of techniques.

These include:

Glass to silicon anodic bonding, 2 stack or 3 stack possibility

Silicon to silicon direct bonding

Wafer to Wafer bonding using an intermediate layer such as thermal or UV cure adhesive, eutectic or glass frit.

Unique In-situ alignment system (X,Y,Z & θ)
• 1-5 micron accuracy depending on options & wafers
• Automatic PC control & data acquisition
• Application of High Voltage up to 2.5kV
• Temperatures up to 560°C
• Forces up to 25,000N
• Self-contained dry pumping system for vacuum up to 10-6 mBar range.
• Forced nitrogen cooling.
• 2” to 6” wafers
• Automatic alignment system

Note that the different bonding techniques may require options to be installed. Please consult with Cleanroom staff before booking the equipment.