The LCN specialises in science and technology at the nano-scale: at these levels, familiar substances take on surprising properties that have numerous applications in industry and commerce. The combination of this scientific specialism and engineering prowess in the technology of miniaturisation, makes the LCN a major participant in the faculty’s mission to develop practical solutions to global problems.

Research spans a varied spectrum from medicine to energy to information processing. Thanks to this multi-disciplinarity, many staff who carry out research at the LCN share their affiliations with other UCL departments.

The facilities at LCN’s headquarters on the UCL Bloomsbury campus are truly world-class. The centre has 255 square metres of Class 1000 (ISO 6) cleanroom plus an ISO 7 facility. Equipment includes focused ion beam lithography machines, chemical vapour deposition machines, atomic force microscopes and scanning electron microscopes, among many others.

As well as being available to the academic community, the equipment can be hired by commercial clients. The LCN was conceived from the outset with a management structure that allows for a clear focus on the exploitation and commercialisation of research. The LCN has adopted a novel approach to commercialisation and acts as a portal for UK industry to access specialist skills to solve issues relating to, for example, developing nanotechnology-based medical applications for environmental screening, diagnostics, and therapy.  

For any commercially related questions please contact our Business Development Manager Tabasum Farzaneh.