LCN Vacancies

Multiple faculty positions in interdisciplinary sciences at King’s College London.

King's is recruiting academic positions at all levels as part of a major investment in science at King’s. A total of 64 new academic positions will be appointed in the coming years, alongside extensive investment in new laboratories, teaching spaces and cutting-edge education programmes, that will rapidly scale King’s science capabilities and build on our rich history of scientific breakthroughs from developing the theory of electromagnetism through to the world’s first human-to-human blood transfusion.

All of the following roles have a deadline of 14th April 2024

Net Zero Technologies 

King's net zero research spans across multiple science and engineering disciplines, as well as the social sciences. The King's Net Zero Centre was launched in 2023 with a mission to be a world leader in combining fundamental science and technological solutions for decarbonising our economy and society. This recruitment round is focused on the fundamental science behind net zero research and innovation. It is an opportunity to join a growing interdisciplinary research community focused on whole systems approaches.

Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Net Zero

Reader in Net Zero

Professor in Net Zero

Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies are a key strategic research growth area in King’s, where we have unique strengths and an emerging new interdisciplinary research centre supported by a mini Centre for Doctoral Training. There is a vibrant and active community of quantum researchers at King's, and an exciting range of opportunities to collaborate within and beyond King's to realise the promises of quantum technologies. Industry collaborations are supported by a large network of professional services offering bespoke guidance, matchmaking and contract & IP negotiation. A recent success is a collaboration between Kvantify, a pioneer in quantum algorithms for solving complex problems in the pharmaceutical industry, which has the potential to adopt fast approaching quantum technology and implement it into drug discovery projects, which will revolutionize the way new drugs are designed and tested.

Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Quantum Technologies

Reader in Quantum Technologies

Professor in Quantum Technologies

Physical Sciences of Life

The physical sciences of physics, maths and chemistry can help solve fundamental challenges at the heart of modern biology and unlock fundamental secrets about the make-up of living beings. The King's Centre for the Physical Science of Life was launched in 2024 with an ambition is to integrate experimental and computational physical science approaches to develop a unified framework for understanding biology that integrates molecular and systems levels of thinking into a coherent holistic view.

Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the Physical Sciences of Life

Reader in the Physical Sciences of Life

Professor in the Physical Sciences of Life