LCN Vacancies

The LCN currently has the below staff vacancies:

Research Fellow in focused Ion Beams from Ionic Liquids 

The aim of this postdoctoral position is to design, implement and test a focused ion beam (FIB) system based on ionic liquids.

The research will take part in the group of Dr Carla Perez-Martinez at the London Centre for Nanotechnology. The research fellow will use numerical simulations to design the bespoke optics required to guide and focus the ions from a novel ion source based on ionic liquids (ILIS, or ionic liquid ion source). Furthermore, the post holder will oversee the fabrication of the ILIS-FIB focusing elements and install these new components in an existing FIB system, and conduct the initial focusing tests of the ILIS-FIB.

The position is available starting May 2020, for a duration of 42 months.

Further details on this position, including how to apply are available on the UCL Recruitment Webapges

Research Fellow 

Two Research Fellow positions in theoretical condensed matter physics are available on the topic of correlated non-equilibrium quantum matter. The positions will be in the group of Dr. Arijeet Pal. The current focus in the group is on the phenomenon of quantum thermalisation, many-body localization, time crystals, and dynamics in topological systems. The project goes beyond isolated systems and investigates the effect of dissipation on such quantum coherent phenomena. More broadly the work in the group brings together tools and ideas from condensed matter physics and quantum information science. The group has strong links to experimentalists and the project envisages potential collaboration on questions relevant to experiments. 

Further details on these position, including how to apply are available on the UCL Recruitment Webapges