Health and Safety


Each laboratory and service area of the LCN has an emergency notice outside the door showing the contact details (internal and personal) for the responsible PI as well as the Laboratory Manager and key support staff. These people should be the first contacts for all emergencies and potential problems in their areas. 

In the event of these named personnel not being available, the following contacts can be used.

For personal injuries, LCN First Aiders must be called and the details for these people can be seen on every floor at the emergency call points.


LCN Internal Contacts

Facilities Manager/Safety Officer: 30574

Clean Room Manager and Deputy DSO: 39904

Soft Matter Lab Manager and Deputy DSO: 30569

E-Beam/FIB Manager: 30572

Biological/GM Safety Officer: 30569

LASER Safety Officer: 39939


UCL Security Contacts

UCL emergency number (for all situations): 222

This number should be used out of hours or when a member of the LCN staff are not available. This number is to be used to summon medical assistance (NOTE: 999 must not be used whilst on UCL/LCN premises unless 222 is not available)


UCL Estates Department

For all Estates issues such as floods, lift problems etc. and in the absence of the Facilities Manager/DSO, the Estates Helpdesk number is: 30000. If out of hours, then please call 222 and an emergency on call engineer will be sent to deal with the problem.