Executive Board

The current membership of the joint Executive Board is:


  • Professor Andrew Fisher (Co-Director, UCL)
  • Professor Sandrine Heutz (Co-Director, Imperial)
  • Professor Anatoly Zayats (Co-Director, King's)

Scientific staff

  • Professor Khuloud Al-Jamal (LCN and Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, King's)
  • Professor Neil Alford (LCN and Department of Materials, Imperial; also Associate Provost, Academic Planning)
  • Professor Steve Bramwell (LCN and Department of Physics & Astronomy, UCL)
  • Dr Will Branford (LCN and Department of Physics, Imperial)
  • Professor Guillaume Charras (LCN and Division of Biosciences, UCL)
  • Dr Wayne Dickson (LCN and Department of Physics, King's)
  • Professor Sergi Garcia-Manyes (LCN and Department of Physics, King's)
  • Dr Eileen Gentleman (LCN and Centre for Craniofacial & Regenerative Biology, King's)
  • Professor Peter Haynes (LCN and Department of Materials, Imperial)
  • Professor Rachel McKendry (LCN and Division of Medicine, UCL)
  • Professor Des McMorrow (LCN and Department of Physics & Astronomy, UCL; also Vice-Dean for Research, Mathematical and Physical Sciences)
  • Professor John Morton (LCN and Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, UCL)
  • Professor Maddy Parsons (LCN and Randall Centre for Cell & Molecular Biophysics, King's; also Director of the Nikon Imaging Centre)
  • Professor Barbara Shollock (LCN and Head of the Department of Engineering, King's)
  • Professor Paul Warburton (LCN and Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, UCL)
  • Professor Mark Wallace (LCN and Department of Chemistry, King's)
  • Dr James Wilton-Ely (LCN and Department of Chemistry, Imperial)

Professional services staff

  • Hafiza Bibi (LCN Administrator, Imperial)
  • Megan Grace-Hughes (LCN Operations Coordinator, King's)
  • Emma Grant (LCN Departmental Manager, UCL)