The Cleanroom facilities occupy the entire Level 1 of the LCN, which  is approximately 17m by 20m.  The Cleanroom has 225 m2 of controlled space, and the associated service areas occupy 100 m2.  This area  is organised into 3 Tunnels and an Electron Beam Lithography room.  It is rated as Class 1000 (ISO 6) with selected Class 100 (ISO 5) locations above critical equipment.  This means that dust and other air-borne contaminates are controlled to specified low levels.  These ultra-clean conditions allow precision fabrication and characterisation of nanostructured devices.

Tunnel 1 is the main location for the plasma tools.

Tunnel 2 is where optical photolithography and ebeam resist processing is carried out. In this area we have Resist spinners, Optical Mask Aligners, a Microscope, a Surface profiler, Wet Benches and Fume Hoods.

Tunnel 3 has characterisation tools such as Ellipsometers, FTIR and Four Point Probe, the Edwards Physical Vapour Deposition tools, including E-Beam, and a selection of Furnaces.

The Electron Beam Lithography room contains a Raith 150-TWO EBL tool, and an AFM.

Further facilities in LCN include a Back End Laboratory, which is located on Level 2 for cutting and bonding operations, and a separate 66 m2 Class 10,000 (ISO 7) cleanroom on the B2 Level  where Focused Ion Beam tools are installed.

The LCN Cleanroom is available for hire, after the required training to all:

  • Industrialists
  • Postgraduates
  • Post-doctoral workers
  • Research Staff
  • Technicians
  • Academic Staff

For more information, please read the pages below:

Cleanroom Equipment

Other Bloomsbury Site Equipment

Costs and booking information for the Cleanroom

Training to use the Cleanroon

Cleanroom Safety

The working hours are from 09:00 to 23:00.

The Clean Room Team:

  • Prof Paul Warburton (Principal Investigator)
  • Steve Etienne  (Cleanroom Manager) - please contact Steve for any technical enquiries
  • Suguo Huo (Ion/Electron Beams Manager)
  • VJ Krishnan (Cleanroom Process Engineer)
  • Lorella Rossi (Technician)
  • Tabasum Farzaneh (Business Development Manager) - please contact Tabasumfor any financial enquiries