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Mark Wenman began work as the Energy Research Fellow in Nuclear Fuels at Imperial College London at the beginning of Nov 2008. He obtained a degree in Materials Science and Technology (BEng) from the University of Birmingham between 1996-1999 and stayed at Birmingham University to carry out a PhD on the micromechanisms of fracture in the ductile-to-brittle transition region of BCC alloys. Having completed his PhD, in 2003, Mark was appointed as a Lecturer in the Reactor Engineering Group at the Nuclear Department, HMS Sultan in Gosport.
Mark has teaching experience in general nuclear engineering and has taught Reactor Dynamics and Materials Science at MSc level. Mark is the course director for the MSc in Nuclear Engineering at Imperial College. His key research interests are in the field of nuclear engineering materials (specialising in metallurgy) and include micromechanisms of fracture, hydrogen embrittlement, irradiation damage, stress and strain measurement and finite element modelling from continuum to microscales. Materials include zirconium alloys, stainless steels and ferritic steels.


Mella R, Wenman MR, 2013, Axisymmetric whole pin life modelling of advanced gas-cooled reactor nuclear fuel, Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol:437, ISSN:0022-3115, Pages:154-165 DOI Author Web Link

Burr PA, Murphy ST, Lumley SC, et al., 2013, Hydrogen accommodation in Zr second phase particles: Implications for H pick-up and hydriding of Zircaloy-2 and Zircaloy-4, Corrosion Science, Vol:69, 0010-938X, Pages:1-4 DOI Author Web Link Open Access Link

Wenman MR, Chard-Tuckey PR, 2010, Modelling and experimental characterisation of the Luders strain in complex loaded ferritic steel compact tension specimens, International Journal of Plasticity, Vol:26, ISSN:0749-6419, Pages:1013-1028 DOI Author Web Link

Wenman MR, Trethewey KR, Jarman SE, et al., 2008, A finite-element computational model of chloride-induced transgranular stress-corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steel, Acta Materialia, Vol:56, ISSN:1359-6454, Pages:4125-4136 DOI Author Web Link


Mella R, Wenman MR 2012, Finite element modelling of advanced gas-cooled reactor fuel performance and cladding structural integrity, TOP FUEL

Awards and honours: 

Research Fellow in Nuclear Fuels, EDF Energy

External positions held: 

Independent, Technical Advisory Group on Structural Integrity - subcommittee on radiation damage, TAGSI


Nuclear safety management - MSE4-NSM

Nuclear Materials I - MSE 414

Microstructure and Properties of Materials - MSE 104