Seminar - Controlling Light, Temperature, and Force in Nanopores for Single-Biomolecule Analysis
Speaker: Dr Meni Wanunu (Northeastern University, USA). Host: Stefan Howorka (UCL Chemistry)
06.12.17 at UCL
Seminar - Spintronics with antiferromagnets
Dr Michel Viret (CEA Saclay, France)
29.11.17 at UCL
Seminar - Metal oxide-based water splitting devices: developing upscalable synthetic routes using chemical vapour deposition
Dr Andreas Kafizas, Department of Chemistry
27.11.17 at Imperial College London
Seminar - Engineering Majoranas in Atomic Chains and other One-dimensional Systems
Professor Ali Yazdani (Princeton University, USA)
14.12.17 at UCL
Seminar - From Crystallites to Compressors – Application of Advanced Materials Characterisation Techniques to Aero-Engines
Dr Katherine Fox, Rolls-Royce Ltd
24.11.17 at UCL
Professor Arezki Boudaoud (ENS, Lyon, France)
17.01.18 at UCL
Dr Babak Seradjeh (Indiana University Bloomington, USA)
24.01.18 at UCL
Dr Ralf Richter (University of Leeds)
07.02.18 at UCL
Professor Joachim Raedler (LMU, Munich, Germany)
28.02.18 at UCL
ISIS/Diamond Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Seminars
Professor John Chalker (University of Oxford)
08.12.17 at Other