LEGO2NANO Summer School

LEGO2NANO - a summer school about making nanotechnology, 1–7 September 2013, Beijing, China
LEGO2NANO关于米技暑期学校 201391-7

Organized by the London Centre for Nanotechnology (a joint venture between Imperial Collegeand University College London), the Institute of Making at University College London, the Institute of Microelectronics at Peking University and the Centre for Nano and Micro Mechanics at Tsinghua University. In collaboration with the LEGO Learning Institute.

Objective: work with students from the top-ranked  universities of China on a competitive challenge to build a low-cost scanning probe microscope in a week. Learn hands-on about the latest technologies for 3D printing on the macro, micro and nano scales. Visit the Zhongguancun technology corridor Beijing – China's silicon valley.

This is the third in a series of UK-China summer schools.

Please note that registration is now closed.

• 24 Ph.D. students, 12 from China, 12 from the UK.
• Working in 6 teams of four, for one week, to develop 6 prototypes.
• Using facilities at Tsinghua University and Peking University.
• Applying intensive team-based learning methodologies.

• An evaluation session is planned at the end of the summer school. Prototypes will be evaluated by teachers and school children from Tsinghua school. Learning experts from LEGO Learning Institute will participate in this process, and provide recommendations for subsequent exploitation of some of the prototypes.

• A strong emphasis is placed on proper documentation of both the prototypes and the summer school itself. A dedicated international team of students with backgrounds in business, media and design will document and promote the event via Chinese and international social media (Twitter/Weibo/Youtube/Youku), as well as building and populating a first version of a LEGO2NANO website.

• Teams with prototypes that are judged sufficiently promising by representatives of the LEGO Learning Institute will be awarded grants for further development, enabling the Chinese students to spend a semester in the UK working at UCL with their counterparts, supervised by researchers who can advise in engineering and product
development, and followed closely by experts at the LEGO Learning Institute.