LCN in the News

Date published  Media Item title/subject
31-03-14 IEEE Spectrum Quantum Computing Experiment Adds "Control Knob" for D-Wave Machine
24-03-14 New York Times Quantum Computing Research May Back Controversial Company
4-Nov-2-13 New York Times A Key to Quantum Computing, Close to Home
28-Oct-2013 Wired Magazine £5 note could hold key to advancement of quantum computing
Sept - 2013 Physics Today Back Scatter - Enhanced electrolyte conduction in strong electric fields
20-Sept-2013 DVICE Students build low-cost nanoscope out of Lego
18-Sept-2013 Wired Magazine UCL students build low-cost, Arduino-powered, Lego atomic force microscope
07-Sept-2013 人民日报 People's Daily LEGO2NANO Event
07-Sept-2013 北京日报 Beijing Daily LEGO2NANO Event
07-Sept-2013 京华时报 Beijing Times LEGO2NANO Event
07-Sept-2013 新华社 Xinhua News Agency LEGO2NANO Event
26-July-2013 Chemistry World Gas specialist branches out into carbon nanotubes
15-July-2013 Manoto 1 The Diamond Electronics Group feature discussing Nanotechnology on Iranian internet TV channel
12-July-2013 Chemistry World Green graphene band-aid
09-May-2013 The Engineer Nanotech diagnostics to test for diseases and track infection
25-Apr-2013 Semiconductor today UK funds £1m R&D project into III-V quantum-dot solar cells based on silicon substrates
05-Apr-2013 Foresight

Atomically precise placement of dangling bonds on silicon surface 

07-Feb-2013 Nature Podcast Cold Hard Facts - Prof. Angelos Michaelides discusses ice
28-Jan-2013 RSC Chemistry World Controversial theory of smell given a boost
28-Jan-2013 Scientific American Study Bolsters Quantum Vibration Scent Theory
28-Jan-2013 New Scientist Quantum theory of smell causes a new stink
28-Jan-2013 Red Orbit New Study Seems To Support ‘Quantum Smell’ Theory
28-Jan-2013 BBC World Service Quantum Biology - Discovery
28-Jan-2013 BBC Online 'Quantum smell' idea gains ground
28-Jan-2013 BBC Online Quantum biology: Do weird physics effects abound in nature?