Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)

The London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) offers an extensive suite of atomic force microscopes for nano-scale surface characterisation and functional imaging under ambient conditions (gas/liquid), including a Bruker Multimode 4, two Bruker Multimode 8's,  a Bruker Dimension 3100, two JPK Nanowizard 1's, a JPK Nanowizard 3 ULTRA speed and a home-built ultra-high resolution AFM. 

In addition to AFM the LCN hosts several scanning probe microscopes for operation in ultra-high vacuum.

DNA absorbed onto mica and imaged using Peak Force imaging mode - Alice Pyne, 2012

Access to the AFMs The Multimode, Dimension and the Nanowizards are available for use by researchers outside of the LCN. Please select the correct category for information on access:

Researchers from University College London, Imperial College, King's College London and Birkbeck:

  • First-time users will be requested either for evidence of their skills in operating the instrument, or to register for the LCN-based training on the AFM. If you require further information as to which AFM best suites for your research, then please contact Richard Thorogate at the LCN.
  • Once fully trained and registered, please see the booking section to book the equipment. The new booking system available to both UCL and Imperial users.

Other users:

The LCN and Bruker have formed a partnership offering AFM certified training based at the LCN. Please contact Tabasum Farzaneh for further information.